After eight long years at our current studio, we’ve finally outgrown our premises and taken the plunge…

We’ve moved!

Whilst we absolutely adored our old premises having been there since the inception of our company, unfortunately due to the fact we were tenants and not the owners, there was always a danger that the day would come when we would have to leave, and sadly, the recent rent increase gave us the push to finally invest in our own building.

So…after months of souring estate agent windows and visiting countless premises, we’ve finally found the perfect “hidden gem” and snapped it up within days of it coming on the market.

It’s going to take us a few months to transform our new studio into an awe-inspiring space (the kind of studio that our travelling clients will continue to travel hours across the country for!) but we will continue to update you and keep you informed as to our progress.

A huge thank you needs to be said for Richard Garry at Garry Associates (without a doubt the best structural engineer Barnet has ever seen), for his huge help meticulously planning the renovation work with us.

For now, we’ve had to hit “pause” on all our shoots, but before we know it we’ll be back up and running bigger and better than before, and we can’t wait for you to see all the incredible ideas we’ve got in store for this space!

It’s going to be a fun few months with kitchen fitters, plumbers, roofers, electricians, joiners, flooring contractors…

Bring on the fun times!