Getting a photography studio that I feel comfortable working in has always been a battle. You need to consider so many factors, such as natural lighting, affordability, and as always, location… location… location!

As I discussed in my last blog post, before moving in and opening our doors to the new studio, I need to change the place up a bit and put my own ‘style’ on the studio.

As far as a progress update goes, we’re about 70% of the way through renovations.

Yesterday we had Shutter repair London came in and install roller shutters on the windows and doors to make sure nobody can get in without my permission! The windows we’ve got here are long, high, evenly spaced which were exactly what I was looking for to let as much natural light flood the studio as possible, but at the same time all I could see them as was entry points where my equipment could be taken out of!

Let’s be honest, camera equipment isn’t cheap. Even that is slightly understated. Camera equipment is expensive! shutters installed by roller shutter repair london

Anyway, we’re nearly. Not long to go now.

I love the new space and the atmosphere!  I cannot wait till my official opening and to get people in to enjoy the new ambience! I look forward to all the new and exciting photo shoots that I will be doing and to see all the pictures in the new studio!